South Burial Ground, Warren, Rhode Island

Farewell 2013.

A most spectacular find in the woods of Coventry, Rosanna Kenyon, 1861, Aged 24 years, 5mo. &23 days. This picture was going to be saved for a celebratory post but instead it will act as a good luck charm. I will save the celebration for another day.

Not too many of these sexpartite designs around.  This one from East Burial Ground in Bristol, Rhode Island is a rare work.  

life how short eternity how long

Helen F. Scott - May 29, 1861 - 8 yrs. 9 mos. & 26 days

"We all do fade as a leaf"

James B. Scott - January 7, 1857

Scott’s Hollow, Coventry, Rhode Island

signed “O.Spencer” i.e.: Oren Spencer 

After a summer away from my blog, I have many stones to share in anticipation of all those snow-covered burial ground landscapes I plan on taking pictures of in the coming months.  Until then, let’s start with Lydia Ann Andrews - August 16, 1858 - Coventry, RI. Another tombstone which may formerly have had a daguerreotype attached.  Very rare indeed.

I will be tracking down and posting as many of these stones as I can find over the course of the summer.  Within Rhode Island they appear about as often as the proverbial needle in the haystack. 

As part of my larger “project” I am documenting what I believe to be the fusion of early photography and tombstones in Rhode Island.  These two mediums (photography and gravestones) I believe speak the same language of memory and death.  

This is the back of one such stone in Providence from 1859.  Tomorrow, I will post the front.

Summer is close. More to come.